Paper Chains and Parties

Isn’t it amazing how a little bit of positive praise can transform someone’s behaviour? Paper chains are a well hidden secret. Forget stickers! Paper chains are the future. For every good or nice deed my munchkins do they get a paper chain link. For every link they get 5 minutes of iPad time. Goodness me how they work hard for their iPad time! Even the youngest, Benjamin (2 1/2yrs), stands dutifully with his tongue sticking out to lick his paper chain and play his shape sorting app. It is sweet to see as he stands there, so patiently, licks, sticks then says “my turn mummy my turn iPad my turn”.

I’m also onto my next project  Jack’s superhero party. My dinky dot will be 5 in May and is a joy. Bright, questioning, funny, intelligent, handsome….I could go on but you get the idea. He is, and always be my dinky dot. Nearly 5 and still wearing age 2-3 yrs trousers for his school uniform he was a blessing that arrived with a bang! That’s for another day though.

He is also my superhero in real life. Being so small it is easy for him to feel overwhelmed by bigger children but he laughs and charms his way in. The teachers love him – cheered when I informed them we had failed in his school move appeal – and he simply “good manners” his way into anyone’s heart. Every time he goes on a play date I am always given the same response – “He can come again because he is so polite”. He even has two (yes two!) girlfriends – one in year 4 and one in year 6! Not bad considering he is only in 4+ (reception to those who aren’t in the know).

My dinky dot, my hero, my prince charming. Hard to believe it took me nearly a year to bond with him but again – that is for another day.Image

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