World book day upset

Today was a day when having children in different schools had an immediate and negative effect on one of my munchkins.

Alex’s school was participating, as have many other schools, by inviting pupils to dress up as their favourite character. Her favourite character has been for a long time Rapunzel, from Tangled, so I duly went out and bought her an outfit, did her hair and helped her get ready. One very happy girlie.

Jack’s school, on the other hand, were not taking part and he had to get into his normal uniform whilst watching his sister get fancy dressed up. He couldn’t understand why we didn’t have time for him to get dressed up for a bit and got very upset and teary. And then he became angry at what he saw was his mummy and daddy being unfair to him. How else would you expect a sweet 4 year old to interpret it? One very unhappy lad.

After last night’s discovery about young Billy and his brain tumour I had made a conscious effort to be nicer to the children in the morning and not shout at them (I’m really not a morning person and really struggle) but I ended up telling him off after he kicked me in temper. That made me feel like rubbish! Yes I know he shouldn’t have kicked me but he was obviously upset about the whole “why can’t I” thing and maybe I should have been a little more patient.

The school run is bad enough on its own – 21 miles on the days when Ben is at pre-school – but with an upset little one it feels like double the journey. We’ll just have to keep on trying to get Jack at Alex’s school.Image

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