Oooh What a Pretty Window….

… wish you happy Easter.

This is all i have heard sung about for the past few weeks. A lovely little ditty that, Alex, my daughter had taken to singing and I had no idea why…..

until I was told about “auditions” at school for the Easter show – “The chocolate shop”.

Alex duly auditioned, told the teacher she didn’t want a speaking part and was given the 6th narrator role. I was rather proud that she had been brave enough to audition.

The next few weeks became, I must admit, a little tedious with the songs being sung over and over and having that catchy, irritating way about them the whole house were singing, humming or trying to get it out of their heads. Jack learnt the words and started joining in being corrected and tutored in the preferred way of performing by his big sister.

I have to admit that by the end of last week I was starting to really dislike the jolly, catchy, happy songs and only this morning my husband said to me “does this mean we don’t have to listen to those songs any more?” He just voiced what I was thinking.

However, this evening, I take it back. I went to see the performance. Class 1 and 2 of Alex’s school ranging in age from 4 to 7 were BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! There was wonderful singing, humour, the cuteness of little people and something that took it slightly beyond a “school performance”. I don’t know what that something was but they were together in their singing, in tune, bright cheerful and heart-warming.

Alex was a dream along with everyone else and the lad who played the chocolate maker brought tears to my eyes with his solo. He was awesome.So now I am sitting here with “oooh what a pretty window” dittying its way through my head and its lovely and i am s proud of each and every one of those children and the staff at the school who put all that effort in.

Happy Easter.

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