The polygraph.

Anyone who knows me knows that a major pet hate of mine is the spreading of rumour and scaremongering about everything – Facebook charging, privacy settings, pictures of convicted criminals etc etc etc. – like the old washing machine advert – “Ariston  it goes on and on and on!”

Every single day I see a new post from someone saying that “I’ve done it now you do it or I’ll delete you as a friend” or “Facebook is going to charge you from April and I’m off the minute they do” and every day I pop on the bottom of the post that it is a hoax. I’ll even link to the proof and sometimes people thank me, sometimes they think I am just pedantic and sometimes they unfriend me. Whichever they do I am not bothered – especially those that unfriend me – your loss – but what does annoy me intensely is that people won’t share the truth and proof of that truth.

One of the best (worst!!) excuses I hear is that someone is too busy to check the truth. If you can’t do that then why share it in the first place? And if you are capable of sharing the lie why not share the truth when it is posted on your wall – you dont even need to look then!…. isn’t that the same as sharing the rubbish?

Are you happy enough to share the picture of Jamie Bulger’s “Killers” having been told that someone committed suicide because of something just like that? Are you content sharing pictures of a young girl with downs syndrome having been told that she is someone else who has no idea why her photograph is going viral and whose family have no way of stopping it? Are you happy to not see your friends’ newsfeeds because you have asked people to stop them coming to you?

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Make it stop!

Can you tell this really gets my goat? What is stopping you sharing the post that says “THIS IS A HOAX!” yet you will share the “ALIENS TOOK MY EXAMS FOR ME!!!”???

Because sensationalism is what counts. Telling someone they have been duped is annoying enough but being expected to tell others??? Because we are mostly sheep and it is on the internet so it must be true – right?

Check out Snopes, Facecrooks, Hoaxslayer – they will all tell you the truth – if you can be bothered of course!



One thought on “The polygraph.

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