Wear A Hat for What???? Brain Tumour Awareness What Else?

Today – 28th March – is Wear a Hat for Brain Tumour Awareness Day and I will be wearing a hat to do just that. I will be wearing one of the children’s hats (I think it belongs to Jack) and it isn’t the sort of thing I would normally wear but I want people to look at me and think me stranger than normal! I want people to give me that inquisitive “She’s off her rocker” look so I can tell them about why I am wearing it. I want people to know about brain tumours.

Some facts – yes I know many of my friends will already have seen me post about this hundreds of times but, for those that haven’t, here are some VERY scary facts!

Brain Tumours kill more UK children than any other cancer – including leukemia

It kills more men than any other cancer.

It kills more women under 35 than breast cancer and more men under 45 than prostate cancer which both receive more funding.

It receives less than 1% of the money that CRUK puts into research.

That doesn’t really make any sense. It kills more than any other cancer yet has a pittance spent on it? I can’t get my head around that.

Brain tumours don’t have “triggers”. It isn’t like lung cancer that you know you are at greater risk of if you smoke. It doesn’t distinguish between age, race, religion, lifestyle, gender, anything. It attacks with no care for who it attacks and it can attack viciously. I know of babies and toddlers who have them and i have met a large number of adults who have had or still have them. I have seen how it can devastate families and I can’t even begin to understand what these families are going through but what I can do is my best to raise awareness and wear my hat and spread the word.

Maybe others will follow suit and wear their hats and hopefully we will get people aware of this terrible, terrible killer and hopefully people will “get” my passion for raising awareness.

If not – I am happy to tell you more. 😀

This is my hat I am thinking of wearing….. what do you think?


One thought on “Wear A Hat for What???? Brain Tumour Awareness What Else?

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