Song for a Sadness – I’m Loving Angels Instead

Some songs always strike at my heartstrings. My all time favourite is Terry Jacks original version of Seasons in the Sun. Not the murderous version by Westlife I would like to stress! However some songs are meant for this anniversary and I can guarantee will enable me to release the tears that I hold at bay for the rest of the year.

The one that means everything to me is Robbie Williams’ “Angels”. When I lost my Beannie it was on the radio an awful lot and it made me sob every time I heard it. For years it had this effect and I had to brace myself totally whenever I heard it – especially if I was in  place where it wasn’t “safe” to let my emotions out.

Then one day I physically met a young man who used to write on the disco forum I used to use. He was kind, funny, hardworking, loyal, supportive and loving. He helped me to slowly but surely bring a new feeling behind the song. He helped me to move away from the sadness that I have known from this song for an awfully long time. He helped me to deal with so many emotions and he “gets” me at this time of year and he lets me feel sad and he hugs me.

He had been running a successful DJ business full time and then moved across into the photography business which we now run together. Both companies and his forum name have the name “Angelic” in their titles which is why he managed to bring new meaning to this song.

I believe in fate and I believe that the day I met him things were going to get better. They had to – after all I’m loving angels instead.

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