Holiday Highs and Hassles

Since my daughter started school in September 2011 and even more so since Jack started in 2012 I have lived for the holidays. I look forward to them because, as any parent with school age children will know, the chance to get out and enjoy yourselves as a family becomes a lot more restricted – especially with the wedding photography business we run taking us away from the house many weekends it means we are even more restricted.

I look forward to them coming out on the last day of the half term or term…….. until they actually come out.

They invariably come out whining about something or miserable that they aren’t going to be at school the next week/two weeks/six weeks and it continues.

Normally at least one of them decides to push every boundary they can possibly lean against and they hammer at it until I end up shouting at them. I then feel rubbish that I can’t “cope” with them and start to beat myself up abut what a rubbish mum I am.

Take this holidays. I looked forward to it so much but spent the seeming entirety of the first week at odds with Jack and then I feel even worse that we are already a week and a half in and have only a few days left and i feel like it’s just been a long battle.

I’m still fairly new to this school routines lark so maybe it will get better and maybe next time we’ll get it right?

Can’t just be me sttruggling this way can it?

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