Soundtrack Of My Life

Some songs have stuck with me for a number of reasons. These songs mean something to me – as well as being awesome tunes. So – in no particular order…..

  • Seasons In The Sun – Terry Jacks.

There is something in the simplicity of this song that has always grabbed my heart strings. I first heard it on “DLT’s Picture Show” which put new videos to old songs The video was of a soldier dying and reliving his life and it made me cry. One of the first things ever to make me cry. One of the next was when Westlife murdered it.

  • Angels – Robbie Williams

This has been a developing soundtrack for me. Played loads of times when I lost my Beannie but it developed from a sad tune into a happier one when I met my, now, husband. He runs a company called Angelic and he was my angel. He still is.

  • Something Inside So Strong – Labi Siffre

A beautiful song about passion and belief. A song that stopped me from turning my car into the central reservation at 70mph. I used to use it at the end of my karaoke and discos and I had a booking the day I hit rock bottom. I started singing it over and over to get me through that journey home because I didn’t want to let the people who had booked me down. It was the penultimate song of my wedding night disco to Richard and the song that kept me alive.

  • Search For The Hero – M People

My self-esteem is shot. Has been ever since I was a victim of childhood abuse and this song used to give me hope. That maybe, just maybe, I was okay and there would be hope for me at the end of the journey. I’m still searching.

  • Get Here – Oleta Adams

A gorgeous song about dedication. No matter what hardship you put in my way I will get to you. I will overcome all to be with you. A song that Richard and I used to dedicate to each other on the radio when we were across the Midlands from each other. It was our first dance when we got married. To my Angel from your Dragon.

  • If You’re Looking For a Way Out – Odyssey

My ex-husband, Phil, introduced me to this song. He asked me to believe the words and follow them, regardless of the reasons, if I ever needed to move on. I played it several times before we went on holiday in April 2004 which was where we decided that things had changed since his assault and we parted company. I needed to listen to it all those times to help me find the answer.

  • I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Not all of the words are relevant but the title says it all.

  • You To Me Are Everything – The Real Thing
  • You Are My Sunshine – Jimmie Davies

Both of these songs were frequently sung to all my babies as a means of getting them to sleep – especially You Are My Sunshine. It still gets used if any of them are feeling poorly.

  • Is Nothing Sacred Any More – Meat Loaf

This covers both of my “failures” – my baby and my first marriage, It still makes me cry now. If love can’t hold you near me then what else is there. As you know, if you have read my previous blog entries, I have never stopped and will never stop loving Beannie. I never stopped loving my ex-husband but the person he was died the day he was assaulted. In his words “Phil is dead. Long live Phil”. After his recovery we were both different people and it wasn’t to be.

That’s my top ten all time songs. Some depressing, some inspirational but all full of meaning and pent up emotion.

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