The Burden of Responsibility

Getting older brings responsibility. Having children brings responsibility.

Responsibility. The destroyer of good times?

Every morning we have a war zone – the battlefield of getting ready for school. It is identical every morning and it is draining.

I expect our children to go into school looking respectable. It is the least I can do in the morning but it is always such a battle. You would think, after the length of time they have been going to school that they know the routine by now….. breakfast, teeth, uniform, shoes, coats, bags and go. It’s not rocket science and really isn’t that hard to do…… in theory.

I am responsible for making sure that my children are at school on time, looking smart, prepared for their day ahead and in the right frame of mind to give the teachers a head start but that responsibility comes at a price. My happiness.

The responsibility that grows as we get older is wearing. It is exhausting and life is no fun any more. When the children were little we could play and have fun – before the responsibility of routine kicked in. When you are trying to fill your responsibility to the school and the children it takes away the enjoyment of them because they don’t understand the weight that you carry with that responsibility. All they see is Mummy being mean and hurrying them along when all they want to do is play. Don’t they realise that I want to play with them too and enjoy my mornings with them but I can’t? They come down to breakfast with their daddy as he gets them fed a lot more calmly than I can and I have to steel myself about the next part of the morning routine. I want to have fun but the burden of responsibility is too great. 😦

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