Today I had a bad day. One that I hope never to have again.

Being called over by one of my children’s teachers to discuss their behaviour is something I really didn’t want to happen but that happened today. My sweet, funny, polite, normally well behaved (for everyone else) little man has started to slip down the slippery route at school. At his last parent’s meeting his teacher had one word to say about his behaviour – excellent. Today she told me that his behaviour has been getting worse over the past few weeks which is worrying for both her and us.

Recently his best friend left – for good. Left to go to another country so not even a short trip away. Recently his behaviour at home became less desirable and he had started to press as many buttons as he could find to wind me up. recently his behaviour at school has started to slide. Maybe I am reading too much into it and just looking for reasons for his behaviour but maybe there is a coincidence.

Maybe he is missing his best friend. Maybe he is trying to fit in with a new group of friends and is picking the wrong ones and trying to fit in. Maybe his size is having an effect against him as most of the other boys in his class are bigger than him but his best friend was dinky like or Jack. Maybe he is feeling hurt and angry and confused that his friend has gone. Maybe he doesn’t understand as much as we thought he did and is retaliating against losing his friend. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

One thing I have noticed is that he has lost some of his usual charm and comedic talents. He has always been able to make people smile but doesn’t seem to be trying at the moment. He has also gotten very clingy at night – often coming into our room in the middle of the night and snuggling up next to me and resisting going back to his own bed (if I have noticed he is actually there!).

I know I am hyper sensitive when it comes to Jack (see ) and I am probably reading way too much into all this but what if I am missing something.

This parenting thing can be so difficult sometimes. 😦

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