People are like icebergs. Did you know that? They are exactly the same.

I don’t mean that they are cold chunks of solid water bobbing slowly along in the sea but that you can only see a miniscule amount of them.

What you see of people is the persona that we portray. They public image which is often carefully nurtured to hide things away deep under the water line.

So next time you decide to judge someone by what they show publicly maybe spare a thought for the rest of the iceberg and that there may be reasons why that person is like that. Don’t decide that the bubbly lass is full of confidence – it could be that she is a victim of abuse and this is how she copes with the pain. Don’t decide that the plus size lad is just greedy and fat – it could be that he has a water retention problem which he simply can do nothing about. Don’t think that the person who is childlike one moment and then solemn and serious is simply being erratic – they could be waging inner war with their demons and the battle is never ending. Don’t think you know someone because often they don’t even know themselves and might just surprise you.

Most importantly though – if someone lets you swim into deeper water to revel more of themselves – don’t make them regret putting their trust in you. Don’t sail away and make them build even more ice barriers. If they have trusted you then they trust you for a reason. Don’t betray that trust.

You never know – icebergs can sink boats!

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