Baby Bums Battling Brain Tumours

Quietly and behind the scenes babies are uniting and going to war – against brain tumours.

Well not physically and knowingly but their parents and carers are by cleaning these babies’ bums….and hands……and faces……and torsos…..and highchairs……and – well you get the idea.

It is what they do next that is the important bit. They empty their baby wipe packets and do what an awful lot of other parents and carers around the country are doing…… they save them.

Yup. They are no longer putting their empty baby wipe packets in the bin to go into landfill. They are putting them in boxes and bags and saving them until they get at least 4kg in weight and then they wrap them up, get a label emailed to them and send them off to be recycled.

But why are they bothering? Because they know that they are in a revolution and helping to fight a war against brain tumours. Because every single packet that gets sent in results in 2p being sent to Ellie’s Fund Brain Tumour Trust and since the campaign went surprisingly national on 23rd February 2012 we have raised over £20,000. A phenomenal amount when you consider it is “only” 2p per packet that gets donated.

Maybe these babies know something and that is why they keep blessing us with those wonderfully pungent offerings that they do. Maybe that is why they will happily and systematically pull wet wipe out of wet wipe out of its packet smiling innocently when mummy walks in and sees them sitting in a cloud of wet wipes and an empty packet. Maybe they secretly know and they are the force behind this war – instead of us.

Our aim is to raise £25,000 by the end of the year and I reckon that we, and our army of babies, can easily achieve it.

If you do read my blog and haven’t yet found out about the collection then all the information you need is at or you can find the Facebook page at or you can always talk to me about it 😀 I am always happy to talk about baby wipes as some of you already know 😀

One thought on “Baby Bums Battling Brain Tumours

  1. Reblogged this on mummymultitasker and commented:

    Wow! Since this was blogged things have moved on dramatically. We now collect a variety of other items for recycling – including Ella’s Kitchen food pouches, air triggers, biscuit wrappers and more. We have raised over £38,000 for research into brain tumours and made many many new friends.

    The link for the FB page has changed now as well:

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