Summer Holidays – The highs and highs

Well this morning I returned the second of my school age children back to school – yes it is early compare to most of the rest of the country but we finished earlier – after sending the first back yesterday and I am missing them already. Don’t get me wrong as we had our downs but this holiday is probably the best in terms of us actually enjoying ourselves as a family.

We have done absolutely loads over the holidays and I thought I would use the next few blog entries to do some mini reviews. Maybe it will turn into something permanent but we shall see. In the meantime I just want to share our lovely (mostly) experiences.

I will cover castles, prisons, forges, rainforests, zoos, summer schools, museums plus lots lots more and I am sure that I will have fun remembering all the brilliant things we did and a few that weren’t quite so brilliant. 😀

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