National Trust – Castle Drogo – How impressive is that scaffolding???

I’ve been so busy with things recently that I have been lax on my blog and though it was about time to get it back up and running again starting with Castle Drogo.

If you are in the North Devon area and looking for something a little different to the normality of National Trust then Castle Drogo is worth a visit. As it is undergoing a huge renovation operation at the moment a lot of the trappings of the castle are in storage so you actually get to see the building for a change and learn about how it all came about with letters between the family, the architect and other prominent figures. Just seeing the huge granite blocks makes such a difference from the normal “carpets on the walls” and olde worlde chairs and it does make for an interesting take on the proceedings – especially seeing the letters blown up to make for easy reading to see how things progressed from the hiring to the firing of staff plus lots more. There was also a letters trail around the castle for the little people in our lives to keep them interested and lots of little peep holes in the wood cladding for them to peep through and see the working behind. My three year old loved finding this and peering through – “I fown won” becoming a well used phrase on our round of the castle.

Most impressively though is the GIGANTIC scaffolding structure outside. It truly is an impressive work of art which has to be built a distance away from the castle walls to protect the castle from damage as the scaffolding moves in the wind and because of this is has to be built in such a way that the weight of it is born away from the castle. It looks like a huge Meccano construction and really has to be seen to be believed.

The gardens of the castle are fabulous and there was an activity trail to follow for the children. Although our children didn’t officially take part in the trail with the clipboards you could pick up they did enjoy finding the boxes and carrying out the activities within. We also enjoyed a couple of games of croquet, lawn tennis and bean bag targets on a beautifully maintained croquet lawn.

Overall the day was lovely for a different take but if you like the normal type of National Trust outing you may not appreciate the building work.

Cost for the day (if not members);


Garden only

  • Adult: £5.50
  • Child: £3.00
  • Group adult: £5.15
  • Group child: £2.55

Whole Property

  • Adult: £8.70
  • Child: £4.30
  • Family (1 adult): £13.00
  • Family: £21.80
  • Group adult: £8.10
  • Group child: £4.10

Gift Aid

Garden only

  • Adult: £6.10
  • Child: £3.30

Whole Property

  • Adult: £9.60
  • Child: £4.80
  • Family (1 adult): £14.40
  • Family: £24.00


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