Introducing me

It’s been too long. I’ve been hiding too long. I’ve been trying not to hurt or worry others and neglected myself in the meantime. I am trying to find myself – properly this time.


Who am I?

That’s a very good question. I am Georgie – mummy, wife and co-business owner. I am a multifaceted, complex character with a great ability to act when needed.

People see me and they see a confident person who is sure of herself but in reality I’m the total opposite. That is where the ability to act comes in. I pretend to be someone else but inside I am a shivering wreck.

Those of you who have met me know I talk a lot. That is my nerves. Whenever I met someone new I babble – talk, talk, talk. If I talk they can’t see me cower, they can’t see me shaking in my shoes and they can’t see the pain and sadness – I hope.

I’m an angry person. I rage at injustice in the world because I have been on the receiving end and never received…

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