My Top Ten “Dodgy” Children’s TV Programmes.

So glad I no longer have to watch these programmes! So glad my children prefer to watch Dr Who. 😀


Having watched a lifetime’s worth of children’s TV over the last 6 1/2 years I have had numerous conversations about the dodginess of some of them so here is my top ten! It is only for fun by the way so no need to get defensive if your favourite is in the list 😀

  • Special Agent Oso

This cute cuddly bear worries me intensely! Here is a creature who is put in charge of a cacophony of high powered machines such as rockets, motorbikes and trains yet he doesn’t know how to do up his flies, brush his teeth or put the leaves in the compost bin. He also has an army of “shuttlebugs” who spy on children in their moments of sadness and frustration then broadcast the photographs of said children. The most worrying of these was the child who didn’t know how to dress himself!

  • 64 Zoo Lane

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