Fly high on butterfly wings. :(

Today the sad news came from America that Brittany Maynard has ended her own battle against glioblastoma after moving to a State that allows people to “die with dignity”. She knew that the future was full of bleak, ever-increasing pain and hurt both for her and her loved ones. She made the choice to save them that hurt so they could remember her as the vibrant, beautiful young woman she was.

This is such a brave decision to make and yet today I saw her called a “coward, selfish and going against God’s will” because she didn’t “fight to the end”. This made me so very angry. How can someone who has never been in her shoes possibly have any inkling of what must have been gone through to reach that decision? I am grateful that none of my family have ever been through this however I have met many people now who have or are going through it and it isn’t nice. Brittany Maynard making that that decision, in my opinion, is one of the bravest most selfless things anyone can do because she knew that she would be cutting short the time that her family had with her and some people believe she should have fought and “let God” decide when it was time for her to go.

Now I m a little confused about God at the moment and do not know whether I believe or not – I waver – however I am sure that if God is as good as he is made out to be he wouldn’t want to see so many people suffer as they watch their loved one slip away. Surely not?? Someone enlighten me please.

I hope I am never in the situation that Brittany found herself yet I hope I could emulate her strength if I did.

Fly high on butterfly wings and dance in the sky with Ellie. xxx

RIP Brittany Maynard – 19th November 1984 – 1st November 2014

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