Make Leicester British – and other such hate-mongering drivel

Last night I lowered my standards. Last night I watched a Channel 4 “documentary” which I knew before it started was going to be inflammatory yet I still watched it.

And within the first few minutes I was angry. After a few minutes more I was berating the programme and a few minutes later I turned it off as I like my television and didn’t want to throw anything at it. But why should I be so upset about it? I knew it was designed to inflame so why put myself in the situation of watching it?

Simply because I am fearful. I am fearful that if no-one starts to stand up to these media bullies that our country will become even more damaged than it currently is. However – to be able to stand up and say “this is wrong” I had to have a bit of a peek to see what at was all about.

Channel 4  have a history of creating “fly on the wall” documentaries but they are very clever with it. They pick the characters who will cause the most mayhem. The characters who will give them the most media coverage and draw the most Neanderthal people into their web of manipulative deceit. They did it with Benefits Street and they have done it again with this programme.

Their “cross representation” of Leicestershire people was so misrepresentative of the majority of us here that it was laughable. Put them altogether in a  house where there aren’t enough bedrooms to give them privacy and what do you get? Wife swap!

The likes of the Britain First followers have field days after programmes like this – get them all out, send them all home put them on a ship and let the Royal Navy have target practice. Channel 4 seem to thrive on the mayhem and disharmony they cause and then go on to find the next vicious thing to do. But why??

I have a conspiracy theory on this….

Keep the lower classes fighting against each other. Keep feeding the bonfire of discontent that is drawing in so many low paid, maybe less educated, stressed and  disheartened people and watch them turn on each other because whilst they are doing this we are missing the important things that are occurring. The stealth privatisation of the NHS, the sneaking in of the TTIP, the changes in the fracking guidelines that allow them to dump ANYTHING under our houses with no consequences, the tax evasion of huge corporates such as Amazon and Starbucks, and many more important issues that are being snuck in whilst the lower classes are fed lies and horror stories to keep them bickering. The powers that be, the media and the bankers must be sipping their expenses-paid champagne and laughing as they watch us tear each other apart.

Leicester is British. It does have its problems – what city doesn’t – but in general we get along. As for integration….. we, as a country, have been doing that since the Vikings and Romans and every other culture that has popped over to say hello. We are British and I am proud to be British despite the problems we face.

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