8 Going on 18


Daughters at 8 years old with a good intellect on them,a lovely grasp of vocabulary, a mothering quality if someone is hurt, compassion if someone is sad, an intelligence which is overflowing and an attitude of a teenager already!

My daughter is all the things above – normally. She is kind, caring, clever and compassionate but all of these things seem to have walked out of the door this last month.

To coin a phrase “god help us!”. If this is what she is like at 8 what is going to happen when she reaches the tender age of 13 when all those hormones start creating an over-excited soup of emotional turmoil!

There must be a way of dealing with it. Surely! Please tell me that I am not the only person who feels that their own parenting position is under threat by the back chatting, the ignoring, the arguing, the corrections about all things from parenting the boys to what goes into the washing machine! It is seriously messing with my attempts to look inwards and nurture my inner child because it is a great big fly on my cobweb threatening to collapse the whole thing!


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