Canasta in the Caravan

We have just spent a lovely four nights at our favourite holiday park – – where we relaxed (as much as is possible with 3 children who want to swim in the pool, go to the beach, play crazy golf, watch all the evening entertainment etc etc etc) and tried to step away from the madness that is wedding photography season starting in earnest.

Once the children were tucked up in their beds hubby and I played Canasta – a card game taught to us a few years ago by one of Benjamin’s Oddparents – and we had fun (well apart from when he totally trounced me! 😉 ). However it got me thinking which is never a good thing 😉 It got me thinking about why we only ever did things like play cards when we were on holiday – either in the caravan or under canvas. What is it about home life that stops us switching off from the chaos and just “being”?

Relaxing in an environment where you are “meant” to relax is easy to do because you have paid for it and you have few of the distractions of home life but once we get home it is a different story. E-mails need answering, housework needs doing, TV needs watching. To actually do “less” is actually quite hard work but I am learning that investing in oneself is hard work and needs nurturing – as much as investing in partnerships and family relationships. We need to do that hard work to maintain good relationships because investing reaps rewards.

As part of my new goals of nurturing my inner child I am hoping to extend that to renewing the strength of my family relationships and if that means pretending we are on holiday in a caravan with no wi-fi playing cards then that is a good thing.

Now – off to check the diary to find an evening when we can start!

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