Night Swimming

She stood, waves gently lapping at her toes as the tide came rolling in, watching the sun glowing as it started to drop beyond the horizon. Shades of orange, purple and red illuminated the sky as if the very edge of the world was on fire and the flames were reaching to the heavens.

She watched and she thought. Thought about how those vivid colours were polar opposites to the darkness that engulfed her mind; about how this evening would be the perfect evening to start swimming – to walk into the ocean and just keep swimming until her muscles could take no more and she would surrender herself to the depths.

Tonight was the night she was going to finally end the years of torment, of fear and of mental anguish. All she needed to do was wait until the sun was finally saying goodbye to her and the dark night started to envelope the world before she shrugged off her towel and took that first step.

As the sun set she felt a kind of peace settling on her as her resolve to end the shame cemented itself firmly in her mind. Tonight she would go night swimming and nothing and no-one could ever hurt her again.

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