This Is Me

I am.

I am a kind person. A loving, loyal friend who will give you my first and last Rolo.

I am a survivor and yet still a victim to my past.

I am learning. Learning to stand tall and lose the mantle of shame and guilt.

I am a Cub leading, playgroup organising, fundraising show director.

I am a good mum to 4 gorgeous children.

I am a wife to my tolerant husband.

I am hurt and in pain.

I am healing.

I am dedicated and devoted.

I am angry and abused.

I am fighting to keep my head above water.

I am co-owner of a successful small business with ideas that help us grow.

I am afraid.

I am beautiful yet don’t believe it.

I am worthy yet worthless.

I am the result of my past.

I am the author of my future.

I am me.

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