Broken Trust


The single most important thing, for me, in any kind of relationship yet the most fragile.

I do not trust easily. I have been hurt too many times and if you give me any reason to mistrust you then I will always be wary of you hurting me again.

If I have offered you my trust then it is an honour I bestow in very few people so please don’t abuse that honour.

That happened recently and it is still like a raw wound, gaping and painful. Someone tried to make me a scapegoat to cover I don’t know what from ther own agenda and it has battered and ripped at an activity I loved doing. I am still undecided about my next step in this whole sorry and unecessary saga, don’t know whether I will turn my back and say no more to protect myself – run away from the hurt – or whether to stay, get on with it, ignore the naysayers and just keep myself to myself.

Do I keep fighting whenever my trust is shattered? Can I?

I simply don’t know.

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