ADHD – I Am Not Ashamed

Facebook Post 10th May 2019 – Written after my third child (Dear Son 2 – DS2)  had been diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medication.


Having just started B on the lowest dose of medikinet even the smallest changes are noticeable. He also says he feels his head is less busy and this makes him happier.

If you were diabetic you would take insulin without a second thought. If you needed a wheelchair you would use it. Why continue the stigma around ADHD or possible ADHD simply because of a misguided and sometimes downright untruthful rhetoric around the condition?

ADHD medication is not a sedative. It is actually a stimulant. It stimulates the dopamine receptors to work properly gathering in all the excess information the brain is whizzing out but not collecting. When that information is collected in the mind is clearer making it easier for the person needing it to think and simply be. No wonder a child with ADHD struggles…all that extra information and no way to process it properly must be exhausting for them to try and maintain a modicum of peace and focus.

Someone once said to me “you don’t want to give him a label”. I challenge that. If B has ADHD that isn’t actually that bad a thing… isn’t a behavioural thing. It is a neurological disorder in the brain. If medication helps that then I am not ashamed for him to be taking it if it means he has some brain peace (and I certainly know what it is like to have that whizzing unfocused feeling in my head!)


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