Always Here

Facebook Post 9th December 2018

It’s that time of year.

The time when the decorations go up, the alcohol goes down and friends and family gather together for sharing and exchanging gifts. It should be a beautiful time


There are people out there, friends of ours, who may not have that opportunity.

Loved ones passed on and no longer able to share a hug or a tipple or say “I love you” – whether that be years ago or very recent.

Family and friends lost to the politic of life….where a relationship was just too brutal to continue so you part ways…but it doesn’t mean you don’t think about them occasionally.

People we know who are still with us but locked into a world of their own through illness such as stroke or dementia.

Those who cannot afford to heat their house let alone buy presents…if they even have a house.

Christmas is one of those times where the hardship we face is highlighted even more than the usual.

Christmas is a time for us all to take a step back and spare a thought for those lost or struggling. To just think for one moment about how conflict in every day life is making life just that bit more difficult and separating loved ones.

To anyone who is struggling, finding life difficult for whatever reason or in need of a cyber hug or to sit on a cyber wall next to someone….I am here – sending love, warmest wishes and strength…..especially those who have lost recently. Always here if you need me. Xxxx

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