Be The Pebble

Facebook Post 22nd June 2017


Every day I see posts of hatred, anger and rage.

Every day I feel a little sadder and more fearful.

Every day I am learning to scroll past, to unfollow those I can’t unfriend, to unfriend those I can.

Every day I try and spread a little love. A “good morning” to the person who only ever glares at me, a smile to a little one looking sad, a hug to a friend in need.

It doesn’t feel like enough. I feel like I am failing but I am trying.

If we all did just one thing at the start of the day – let a car out of a side road, let someone with fewer shopping items go in front, smile at someone….a genuine smile – if we all did just one thing it might start a ripple. The person you let out might let the next one out, and they the next and the roads would possibly be a little freer from road rage.

I want to be a pebble that starts the ripple each day. Will anyone join me? One thing a day… costs nothing.


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