Catching Up

It has been a LONG time since I updated my BLOG – using Facebook statuses to put my thoughts out there instead of my blog so I am going to go back and transfer the ones that still strike a chord for me.

It will be quite interesting (for me at least) to see how things progressed over the last three years (yes – it was 2017 that I last posted!) and I know that my life has taken a rollercoaster journey over that time so a whizz through three years will be eye-opening.

The first one I found was actually a recap of the year 2016 that was written on December 31st 2016.


Ahhh well…..everyone is doing it so here goes…..

2016….. What a year. Lows and highs. Fears and fun.

A year that took my first crush along with many other celebrities. A year that many friends lost loved ones.


It was also a year of highs. The arrival of Francis (albeit in very difficult circumstances) was obviously the highlight of it personally. St Pauls’ had to be one of the highlights of our business life as well although we had some amazing weddings this year.

Our daughter got her (I believe) well deserved award of the Governor’s Cup, Our boys grew into little monkeys but developed their cheeky personas even more.

I made new friends and cemented old ones. People arrived in my life and some fell by the wayside but it is all good….the pain of those falling is outweighed by the joy of new friends.

Onwards and upwards into 2017….. No resolutions because I reckon I do ok mostly anyway. Xxxx

Have a good one, stay safe, enjoy, be happy. Xxxxx


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