Children In Poverty – “Their Own Fault!”

Facebook Post 19th June 2019


Just been reading a post from my local newspaper about the children in poverty and the fundraising to try and help feed them.

The comments section is full of sickening comments such as “if you can’t afford to feed them don’t have them”, “should have used a condom then”, “they are nothing but benefit bait”, “should stop taking drugs then and feed the children”

The sweeping generalisations of people these days is heart breaking and so indicative of why this country is so broken.

Circumstances change. I know people who have had their privately rented house sold out from under them – working parents – and have been unable to get enough deposit together to find another property so have gone to the council to ask for housing. As a larger family they need something bigger than the emergency temporary accommodation they were put in. It isn’t their fault they find themselves in this situation….it has been forced upon them but no the “shouldn’t have kids if you can afford them” brigade don’t look at the circumstances.

My ex husband was punched on a night out….one punch….it ended up with him having a head injury and he nearly died. He was off work for months whilst he (thankfully) recovered and then it was a gradual return to work. We were lucky we had friends and family who rallied around but we could easily have found ourselves homeless once the insurance payout period stopped but the keyboard warriors out there wouldn’t consider that. My friend who had to stop work because their daughter contracted leukaemia… look after their daughter and stay at the hospital with her…..”just benefit bait” idiots would have had a field day because they are so quick to judge without even sparing a second to consider that circumstances change.

I am very lucky that I have managed to surround myself with people for whom kindness is a thing but sadly we seem to be in an ever decreasing minority and the hatred keeps on growing.

Even trying to debate with these keyboard warriors isn’t even a thing because they get abusive, the name calling starts -snowflake, libtard, treehugger – I have had it all but do we stop? Do we just accept the inevitable and say that there is no point?

We are going to Hell in a handcart and it is being facilitated by the media and the people in power and I fear it is going to end with violence eventually…..and probably quicker than we realise. 😭😭😭

What on Earth is the way forward?

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