Covid-19 Crisis Management

Facebook Post 18 March 2020

I said recently crisis management was where my strength lies – as in when in a crisis as opposed to doing it as a job.

If I get too much with my crisis stuff just wind me in but I need to be doing stuff to stop me fretting.

With this in mind I have prepped an email for all our clients, discussed how we will home school if the schools go into lock down, prepped a lot of stuff ready to go and find if/when it happens.

Set up a cyber cafe because we need a place away from the time line full of covid-19 related stuff….which is great in terms of all the support groups but acts as a constant reminder of the fear and uncertainty we all face at the moment.

Dealt with some scouts issues and have a head full of ideas moving forward!

All I ask – when this is all over – just check on me because I know that its when I will crash!

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