Dear Click Baiter

Facebook Post 21st January 2018


Dear Click Baiter,

If I don’t click like “to say amen” or share to “send prayers” or comment to “show the love” it really doesn’t mean I don’t care or condone bullying or have no heart etc etc etc. It simply means that I am not quite that gullible!

I know that I care about people, I don’t manipulate people with guilt trips, I survived real chain letters which said if I didn’t forward it I would be dead in minutes, I may not have won the promised thousands within 20 minutes but then I am richer in some ways than I could ever expect.

I have enough guilt of my own without you trying to make me feel bad because you are using someone else’s image (normally) or someone else’s plight for your own click bait means!

Now I am not going to ask you to click like, share or comment on this status but I am going to ask you not to be fooled by social media rubbish.

Lots of love,

A non biter of your click bait.

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