Gotcha! Payback!

Facebook Post 12th June 2019

So today I went to Somerset to pick up something that the hubby had won on eBay. Journey time about three hours each way……until I got stuck in traffic on the way home on the M42 making closer to four.

On the way home (just as I get to the traffic!) I get a brief text ping up at the front of my sat nav from my daughter… gorgeous, kind, considerate and sensitive eldest offspring telling me that, following her audition last week for soloists for the school summer concert, she hadn’t got one….although all of her friends had ….. followed by some 😢😢😢😭😭😭emojis.

As I am driving I can’t text back so tried to hands free call her….nope…no reply. Try again as I can now imagine how upset she is and how hard she would be trying to hold it all in so her friends on the bus home who were successful don’t think she is being dramatic or obnoxious.

Still no reply so I leave an answer phone message….”try emailing your music teacher to ask for feedback so that next time she has an idea of where she went wrong this time. Was it the song choice? The way she sang it? Something else… the maturity of not being stroppy disappointed but constructive seeking disappointed”

Still with me?

Stressing about how upset she is going to be, stressing about not being able to get home quickly enough and give her what is a hug she would really need.

I call hubby…my kind, supportive husband….to check if she is ok….”meh she is disappointed but will be fine”…..cue me even more distressed that I can’t get home quickly enough to give her a hug.

Finally get home….disappointed face greets me (until she sees what I have strapped to the car!) and sad smiles.

“I will show you a photo of the letter that was put up showing the soloists”…..I read it three times checking the names…..then see the LITTLE SOD’S name on there!

The lying pair of toe rags were winding me up and she has a solo…singing one of the hardest songs I can imagine to sing and one that I can easily murder…..pair of little gits!!


Just looked at the school progress website and asked her why she had a detention on there (she has gone all year without a single detention and leads her year for praise points )…cue her checking her student app….”I can’t see it Mummy…where is it? What subject? Why have I got one?”

Cue me…..showing her the attached picture!

Do I feel bad? Nah! 😂😂😂😂😂


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