Growing Up Too Quickly?

Facebook Post 23rd February 2019


I have just seen a post for a young lass who has gone missing…only 12…..and, as with many of these posts….I cannot fathom how they are the same age as my little lady.

So many of them are wearing full make up, nail varnish etc etc and I can’t get beyond they are only 12. Maybe I am just getting too old and miserable now but why do our children seem to be missing out on childhood to be young adults so early? They are still babies in the grand scheme of things.

Maybe it was because I was never and am now not bothered about make up.

I dunno…. stay young kids…..for as long as you can…before life grabs you and shakes it all up. Be children.

Btw….this isn’t a suggestion that only kids who go missing do this…..I have seen it with so many.

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