Hatred On The Rise

Facebook Post 2nd October 2017

Hatred is on the rise, Nazis are seen marching on the street and killing people and yet the other side are vilified.

Someone robs a house and because they have coloured skin or look like the might come from the Eastern Block then the crime is ignored as everyone shouts racist comments.

People are shot and killed in yet another shooting – trying to claim the record for the worst shooting in history.

We are on the brink of nuclear warfare with two idiotic leaders parrying sword words with each other on Twitter depsite the best efforts of their political advisors.

Storms are decimating islands, cities and people’s lives yet it is more important to shout about some footballers “taking a knee”.

The fact that storms are decimating these lands in itself is horrific.

Hatred behind a keyboard. Hatred on our streets.

We try to be kind but the hatred is growing and the people who are trying to be kind and compassionate and level headed are blasted down with the vilest of comments and actions.

I truly believe we will soon be invaded by cybermen in this alternative universe that I think we have been blasted into since the Hadron Collider.

It’s all going wrong and I am scared for our future and the future of our children.

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