Humility of the Homeless

Facebook Post 6th December 2017


You know the things that amaze me every time I talk to anyone I have helped who is on the street…..?

The humility, gratitude and the manners.

One gentleman tonight was looking for something for his partner, every time I found him something…even down to a bag to put it in….every time…..he said “thank you Miss”. He asked “Miss am I ok to have this? Would it be too much?”

The couple on Loughborough the other night who I offered to buy a McDonalds for…..”thank you, bless you, chips? Only if you are happy to get them, please don’t put yourself out”

A lady tonight who was looking at books….”which do you think I should take? I can’t take both”

I look at people who have so much and they just turn the other way, they turn their noses up without a by your leave, without even showing a scrap of humanity towards these ladies and gents who life has dealt a bitter turn. Some people are so well off they have forgotten or can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like if they were forced to cut back….even remotely.

I am so thankful to have met some of these people on the streets recently. They have proven that, even when the world is full of misery and despair, that humility and caring for others is actually still there….in the deep set heart of those who have nothing…literally.

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