My Greatest Achievements

Facebook Post 5th March 2019


Been a bit down and emotional over the last couple of weeks….you can always tell when I am really low as I flab about in one of my husband’s T-shirt’s or jumpers like I am in a permanent hug from him…..and I have really struggled with finding any sort of motivation or happiness.

Well, today, I was chatting with someone about stuff that we have done that makes us proud……not like our children for example but things we have done personally and it got me thinking.

What am I most proud of?

What have I done that I can say has made or still makes a difference…because that is what it should do….make a difference?

What have I done?

So…here goes for me….

Nearly 11 years ago I decided to continue a 12 week run of activity mornings for pre-schoolers that had been started by Charnwood Play Rangers. They left me some basic equipment and the advertising from that 12 weeks. Since then @MiniMoversAnstey has come on leaps and bounds meeting every Tuesday in the village hall. We have had literally hundreds of young people through our doors with the help of a few people…but most especially my amazing friend K, who keeps me going in my darkest moments and listens to me whittle on and supported by the awesome ladies in the Parish Council office we have grown and grown and continue to do so.

I run a pretty successful Cub pack and have been there now for coming up to 7 years (I think!). I am far from the best Cub Leader out there but I think we run a pretty good meeting and all the young people are just fantastic. They give me a reason to keep going each week even when I would rather be hiding in a corner somewhere but I force myself out and am so glad that I do. When I see what they achieve, how they grow and develop before moving off to Scouts I think I have played a small part in developing their skills for life which is something the Scout Association is striving towards. I have just taken on the Group Scout Leader role as well, responsible for looking after the Group in general and, although a huge learning curve, I hope (think) that I am doing enough to allow people to start trusting me. Yes my admin is sometimes rubbish but I do try. I have also met some pretty amazing people through it….both leaders and parents…and for their support I am always grateful.

In February 2013 I saw a poster for collecting baby wipe packets. I decided, in a spontaneous moment, to set up a Facebook event to remind myself to collect them. I invited a few parent friends of mine thinking we might get a couple of hundred…….within 26 hours Alison, (one of the friends I had invited) and I were at our respective computers with tears streaming down our faces as the two thousandth person signed up. I then thought I had better make contact with the person behind the charity doing the collecting…..the inspirational Heather at Ellie’s Fund Brain Tumour Trust….who was thinking (I believe) “what the actual……is this all about!?” But she went with the flow, trusted me (not sure why! 😂😂) and before the wet wipe packet sponsorship was stopped we had raised over £42,000 for research into childhood brain tumours. She continued the whole idea of recycling and I believe it is now over £50k that has been raised from other people’s rubbish….oh and I also shaved my head and held a couple of fundraising dinners to raise even more funding. Heather has become one of those people who I am so glad I have met and become good friends with….even though I would rather not have done….as in I would rather she hadn’t had to do what she does following the loss of her beautiful daughter. I also met some beautifully hearted people who beavered away behind the scenes doing the admin that I failed so spectacularly on (they were good at that…I wasn’t. 😳😍😝)

And my favourite achievement…..I saved an owl. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time with the time allowance to do what needed to be done…which really wasn’t much in the grand scheme of things but I took the time to go back (three times) to where she was sitting injured and I didn’t just drive by. The vets did all the hard work in getting her well again but well….not going to brag…but I saved an OWL!

So there….the four biggest achievements in my life (apart from my children of course).

What’s yours? Come on….let’s lift ourselves up a little.

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