Name And Shame

Facebook Post 5th December 2018

What is it with so many people’s first go-to comment being “Name and Shame?”

I have just been reading of the sad story of the grandad who waited 84 minutes for an ambulance whilst having a heart attack and one of the comments on the our local newspaper’s page is “Name and shame!” – as in the call handler who allegedly said something like “His ambulance is booked I need to clear the line”.

When you have a third higher number of ambulance calls and all your ambulances are out and all your call takers are inundated with calls left right and centre there is, with the best will in the world, going to be delays and there are going to be times when the call takers can see an ambulance has been allocated but they have so many calls still coming in.

I really feel for the family for their loss and can’t begin to imagine the pain and worry they were feeling whilst waiting but I also feel for the NHS emergency staff who are working under intolerable pressure at the moment.

Exacerbated by people who abuse the system by going down there for the daftest of reasons like a stubbed toe.

I ended up down at LRI Children’s A&E last week after Benjamin smacked his face….and it was superficial (thankfully) and I felt like I had wasted everyone’s time but I only went down after speaking to 111 and they told me to go down to check him over. It was rammed. Every chair filled with parents with children on knees or in buggies.

We have to be much more aware and be sensible – even more so in these “times of austerity” which is just a back door way to privatise it all.

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