Westminster Bridge – My Immediate Thoughts

Facebook Post 22nd March 2017 – written on the evening of the Westminster Bridge Attack.


Today has not been a good day for England….especially for London.

It has not been a good day for the speculation and assumption that always follows any attack such as this. The jumping to conclusions that a certain race, religion or “type” is responsible.

If this is an extremist attack then the bigotry, speculation and spewing of hate is doing exactly what the extremists want. They sow the seed and sit back and watch as populations start tearing into each other. They are probably loving the chaos that ensues.

If it wasn’t an extremist attack they are probably still loving it because the sowing of distrust previously is still finding hate-filled minds to perpetrate their plan.

Whatever the reasons behind the terror today we need to rise above the seeds of fear and hatred. We need to be aware of what has happened and grieve for the loss of life and the loss of feeling of safety but we need to not continue the work of extremists in the past or we are lost.

We need to accept that there are so many races and religions integrating around the world and in our Country. We need to accept that we have differences but we also have many similarities.

Try talking to people who are “different” from us and you may find that, actually we aren’t that apart. Talk and be open, talk and listen and be prepared to say “ok you have your God/belief/way of living and I have mine. As long as you don’t tell me I am wrong I won’t tell you you are wrong and maybe we can grow to understand each other a little.”

We need to be tolerant of people’s differences and look back through our history – both recent and further away – and see that we have grown as a nation because of our differences and our similarities.

Don’t do the job of the extremist by spreading the hate and fear that they want you to. If you do that they will win.

My thoughts to everyone affected today. To the families and friends of the deceased I hope you can one day find some form of peace. To the police who continue to patrol our streets in the face of some evil nastiness and lack of respect from many members of our own communities I thank you for trying your hardest to keep us safe.

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