Why Can’t I?

Facebook Post 29th January 2020


I went to the Local Offer SEND roadshow this morning and spent a fair amount of time chatting to the gentleman on the Autism Outreach Team as it seems we are staring our journey with a possible diagnosis soon……

We chatted for a while….he gave me ideas…..I told him what we already did.

He told me quite firmly I was an amazing mum……

I couldn’t just take the compliment….told him….no…I make far too many mistakes and am too hard on my children……wouldn’t take the compliment.

I am not fishing for compliments now by the way….I don’t believe them.

Why is it so very hard to say “actually I AM doing ok. I have got this”?

Why can’t I take the compliment. 😞

On another note…..had confirmation from the GP today that she was referring the youngest to paeds outpatients for possible ADHD diagnosis…..he is so exhausting!

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