World Mental Health Day Thoughts

Facebook Post 10th October 2017


Today is World Mental Health Day. So many of us are followed by the black dog and just to wake up in the morning is an achievement. To actually get out of bed is an even greater achievement and to make it until the end of the day is a massive achievement.

We say we are fine because it is easier. Easier than explaining what we don’t understand ourselves. Easier than thinking we are burdening someone else. Easier than admitting we are not.

We drift through the day in a fog where nothing is quite in focus and there is a greyness hanging over everything.

We are told to snap out of it. Told that we have no reason to be how we are. Told that we are loved but if we can’it even like ourselves a little how can we expect people to actually love us.

Every single thing we do is exhausting. Self-care is put aside and we spiral down, down, down…..

Even eating is an achievement.

Mental health comes in so many forms….depression, bi-polar, dissociative identity, schizophrenia, anorexia, ptsd, bulimia……the list is seemingly endless…..but it can’t be seen. It can only be felt and, oh boy, do we feel it?

We are all icebergs. You only see what we are willing to show you above the water. If we let you see below don’t make us regret it by judging us or using it against us.

You have no idea what lurks in anyone’s depths… kind….always.


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