Lockdown Side Effects

Lockdown = staying safe at home.

Currently in the UK we are allowed out to go and buy essentials such as food, for an hour of exercise – within walking distance of home – or to go to work if you are unable to do your job form home. No non-essential journeys.

That’s fine I think. I have changed my mindset from it being “Lock down” and enforced staying at home to “Safe at Home”. It is safer to stay at home according to all the reports although if you were to read many of the conspiracy theories they would have you believe otherwise.

But – there is an unexpected side effect being felt by some – and not just me from a few people I have spoken to.

Mild agoraphobia.

Yes – I can go out BUT I am totally unwilling to. I have ventured half way up my drive and no further despite being asked a couple of times if I would like to go to the dairy for milk.

I get this dread feeling in the pit of my stomach – like a wave of anxiety – at the very though of going outside. In my head I now have that inside is safe – outside – whatever the reason – Covid-19, 5G, Aliens from outerspace, the apocalypse – is actually quite petrifying for me at the moment.

I love looking out my windows at the nature in my garden but to actually go out in it…..that is becoming a big no for me.

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