How is this Supposed to Feel?

It has been a weird week – a massive rollercoaster of emotions, seesawing between tears in my eyes listening to a piece of music that doesn’t normally evoke that feeling and absolute elation and I am really struggling to work our how I am supposed to feel at any given time.

This lock down is now in its sixth week for us and today was the first time I ventured beyond the edge of my drive…..and that was only across the road for a couple of minutes and I felt sick both during and after that crossing. I should be over the moon that I managed it but I felt absolutely drained in my head afterwards! I really didn’t like that feeling!

As it has been such a full on week I haven’t blogged when I needed to so may do a couple tonight and tomorrow to get these thoughts out of my head and into some semblance of order.

Maybe…..just maybe that will help.

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