Mindfulness May – Day 1

Hmm – Just seen this really colourful month planner thing on the Action for Happiness Facebook Page ( here ) which got me thinking. Could I use this to try and prompt some musings? In this current climate of lockdown and fear? Of course I can – well I can try at least!!! I will possibly get distracted at some point or other – I always do but I can try!


Day 1:

48B24A0A-9DD4-4A29-894A-9388126E733A So then? What really matters and why? This should be easy – and in theory it is – my family – they really matter to me because I love them unconditionally and they are awesome if frustrating at times.

But – is there more? Ok – that sounds ungrateful and I am completely confused in my head so this may ramble more than usual.

What really matters? Being needed. I need to be needed. I need people to need me to do something – whether it be hold them when they are upset or cheer them on when they are on their winning way. I need to be needed because if I am not then what is the point in any of this? If I am here to just solely ‘be’ then there is no reason.

Especially in these strange and scary times – I need to be facilitating the home learning for my children to the best I possibly can, printing off what they need, finding them printables to practice their letter formation, to hug them when it gets a bit too much and to enjoy their company when they are telling me their latest ramblings about Minecraft

If they didn’t need me then why do I exist?

Now – I know they need me and I know that this is my current purpose and I will keep on going for them. Every thing I do is with them in mind sometimes to the point of my own detriment BUT if I stopped – would they stop needing me if someone else can do it for them instead? 😦

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