Forget me. Forget my meaning

Why do I do what I do?

I don’t expect thanks. I don’t expect praise. I just hope that someone can benefit from something I do. I do it because it helps someone somewhere and makes them happy – hopefully.

So why do I get annoyed when people forget what I do and then start looking for negatives? Why haven’t you done this? What are your financial gains out of it? Where’s the proof that you are helping us???

That’s what I’ve had this week. Forget all the work behind the scenes; forget all the hours I put in before we meet and after; forget all the meetings I have gone to; forget my own personal things you take advantage of – both physical and spiritual; forget all that when you are talking about me. At least now I know.

I get annoyed because I then have to remind people of what I do and have done and then it makes it look like I AM doing it for praise or gain or recognition. I get annoyed because it makes me look like I think higher of myself than you obviously do. I get annoyed because I have to explain and that isn’t why I do it.
But who will suffer in the long run? If I walk away and say “forget it” it is others who will suffer so I carry on, stay silent, carry on to help others. One day the price will be too high and I will break but, in the meantime, I carry on.