Willow Tree Angels

Facebook Post 1st April 2020

Hey Beannie,

Your little sister just came up to me and handed me a piece of paper with something she had drawn on it. She told me that she knew I was sad that I couldn’t get to a shop to get your Willow Tree Angel today so had drawn me one in order for me to have one today. It is truly the most beautiful thing I have been given and I will be getting a frame for it as soon as I get the chance.

When did I get so lucky to have had you in my life for those 12 short weeks and her for these amazing 13 1/2 years (so far)?

Shine high my beautiful boy and help keep us all safe.

Love from



One Step Forward

Facebook Post 7th February 2020

One step forward, two steps back.

We are told so many times about a child’s mental health being of paramount importance but what about the parent’s when they are crying out for help and literally running on empty? How are we supposed to continue supporting our children in the best way possible if people keep passing the buck or simply ignoring the problem?

The health visitor, ADHD solutions and the GP have all acknowledged that we and the youngest need support…..only to be thrown straight back at us with almost nothing. Early intervention? What the hell even is that? Nobody seems quite sure.


Holiday? More Like a Military Operation!

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can ever do and having moved house in the past I can agree that it is indeed stressful however going on holiday with 4 young children definitely has to rank up there as a close contender for “the” most stressful thing EVER!

I decided very early on in my role as a mother that my children would learn to become independent and that I wasn’t going to be a pack horse. When I pick them up from school I refuse to carry the multitude of bags, books, bottles, coats and other paraphernalia that they come rushing out with. When the laundry is done and the clothes are sorted I expect them to put their own clothes away and keep their bedrooms tidy. When we go on holiday I expect them to bring me their clothes for going away. Well – all of them except F who is only 7 months old so can be forgiven for the moment. Some people think I am mean but that’s their prerogative and many of them have just one or two children so less to carry.

So when it comes to packing clothes I have a system!

A list for all the items they need and then their initials across the top so I can tick them off when they have duly delivered their items and folded them into their piles on the sofa.

A list that I have to make sure I stick to as they bring me piles of clothes which they think are needed only for me to send them back up stairs for another t-shirt or to return the dress that is too small now.

A list that is refined after each holiday we prepare for and I think I now have it down pat!

It isn’t a long list but it has everything I think we need….

PJs, Socks, Underwear, t-shirts, long sleeved tops, trousers, shorts, shoes, trainers, crocs, dresses, smarts, coat, Swimming costumes, towels, goggles, toothpaste, toothbrush, teddy

and that is it (just the quantities change) but, boy, isn’t it hard work when a 6, an 8 and a 10 year old are all at different stages, bashing into each other on the stairs, shouting at each other or talking over each other in their rush to tell me that they have brought all their socks/pants/whatever? Trying to remain calm and positive and not cancel the holiday altogether is tough but what is the alternative? Do it all myself I suppose?

Many people I know would ask why I give myself the stress doing it this way but I do because I know that, in the long run, my children are developing and growing into fine, independent, forward-thinking young people.

The pride in my daughter’s eyes when her pile is complete and beautifully folded is all I need to make it worthwhile.