A multi-tasking Mummy? Surely not!

Every mother is a multi-tasker. It is the nature of the beast. You have to be parent, nurse, taxi driver, teacher, doctor, friend, negotiator, peace keeper, policewoman, chef, organizer…… the list goes on. so why have I decided to give myself that user name? I’m no better than any other mother and often get it wrong.

The answer is probably because I need to keep my mind busy. I need to have something going on in my head to stay as sane as I possibly can because if I stop doing I start thinking and that is never a good idea for me.

When I find something I need to do I am passionate about it. I am passionate about my children. I am passionate about raising awareness of brain tumours. I am passionate about helping my friends and doing the right thing by them – or at least trying to.

And because of this need to stay busy I “cobweb”. I stretch myself out so thin sometimes that the slightest fly in the ointment – or on my web – means I unravel. I come to a halt as I try and tie the strings back together. I get scared and hide from everything until it gets to be a problem but then, somehow, I find my way back. Pick myself up, dust the dew off the web strands and rebuild

I am a survivor. I survive. That’s what I do. I survive and I multi-task.Hopefully my blog will start to explain to anyone interested why I react in the ways that I do. Why, behind this confident exterior is a frightened child trying to get out.

Thank you for reading now let’s start the journey.

3 thoughts on “A multi-tasking Mummy? Surely not!

  1. Kerry Norton says:

    Fab! I am a mother and I also multi-task. Sometimes I spread myself too thinly and then when something tiny goes wrong it’s like a domino effect where everything else falls down (until I remove a couple of dominoes and let the dust settle).

  2. Lindsay Niemann says:

    I nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. I’m not really sure how this thing works, but the directions are on the link below:


    I had a close family member die from a brain tumor, and while I’m not a mother, I can appreciate your blog.

    Take care!

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